The Boy Who Invented Television by Paul Schatzkin

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody
else has seen, and thinking what nobody else
has thought." -Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi

Table of Contents
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Prologue: The Second Case (sample chapter)
Chapter 1: This Place Has Electricity! (sample chapter)
Chapter 2: The Other Woman
Chapter 3: The Daring of This Boy's Mind!
Chapter 4: The Damn Thing Works
Chapter 5: Something a Banker Can Understand
Chapter 6: Out of the Ashes
Chapter 7: A Beautiful Instrument
Chapter 8: Nothing Here We'll Need
Chapter 9: Suspended Animation
Chapter 10: We Want Cash!
Chapter 11: Something for Nothing
Chapter 12: You're All Fired
Chapter 13: Caught in the Crossfire
Chapter 14: Gone Fishin'
Chapter 15: Loggerheads
Chapter 16: False Dawn
Chapter 17: It's My Baby
Chapter 18: Stars in a Jar
Chapter 19: That's All I Need to See
Chapter 20: Tranquility Base
Epilogue: The Sword in the Stone
Appendix A: Who Invented Television? (sample chapter)
Appendix B: The Story of The Book (sample chapter)

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